A puppet a poet  a pawn up on a king...
This story is about the Shocking Truth
     Where is
 The Little Boy?
Just tell me where
the Traffic King is!
Mum's the Word!  Don't cry for her, I'll be suing  her  for  leaving me with  U UP UP U  Mother Dear
and we can share  the money
from  the  movie!  Mum's  the
Word!   Catch  us  if  u  can!!!
The database is safe!

Undressed by Kings in a
thousand Rings, beware of
the Sheik and his Things

Where is he?  Sir Rodney knighted

                            Queen implicated
The Crack Up Sisters were involved from the start. There was always something fishy about the Crack Up Sisters in QUEENSLAND trafficking UNSEEN AL away from his parents the Q and the D, and whipping up a story the Little Boy wanted to be with them in the circus, not his parents. Have you SEEN UNSEEN AL?
Mum!  Your'e  gonna  have  to confess
  in the  movie.  The  game  is up now!      Throw yourself  at the mercy  of  the        courts  and  let  The Truth flow out.         Blame it on the Two Witness Rule
       and do it for Mee Mum! I love you          Mumee! Mee, your long forgotten            trafficked baby daughter Mee.  I
           will go down town with you and              tell them about the traffic in the          city at the Park Royal. I could sue          you there, Mum, but I won't, Mum          because  those boots were made          for walking all over Mee. Only me
Molly is missing! She's not in the house! How will we get fed now? You and
I have  to stick together on this,  I'll say you did it,  and you say I did it. OK?
This car was trafficking Lady Ghislaine
I think they're onto us about the Lady Ghislaine site and the reborn doll tracking.  Get rid of the Wishing Car and there's  a house across  the road  from the Queensland  Laboritory   Centre  for  Missing Dolls
They thought Molly was a real Dolly
Just play dumb and we can pull through this
Boris trafficking his sister Molly?
I don't think so but Bee Prepared
There's something fishy going off
Multicop Police Circus for Missing Kids
Where's Molly?